Air Compressors

Piston Air Compressor

Our piston air compressor range is designed to deliver a reliable source of compressed air for every user. Our portfolio of reciprocating piston air compressors ranges from 1.5 kW belt driven, handyman compressors to large industrial, cast iron, direct drive piston air compressor products.

Special Features

Cylinder: Special cast Iron, Deep Finned for quick heat dissipation.

Piston: Low expansion Alluminium Alloy.

Valve Plate: Special Steel Material for high Resistance and high Efficiency.

Crank Shaft: Dynamically balanced with Roller/Ball bearings.

Inter / After Cooler: Specially designed cooler to keep the temperature low.

Pressure Switch : Diaphragm operated on and off Pressure Switch With Auto-venting and No-Load Starting

Screw Air Compressor

MR makes Screw Compressor assembled with GERMAN high efficient AIR END of wear free rolling profile with longest service life and simple maintenance.

Control System: Equipped with simple control system enable the operation of Air Compressor more reliable which could ensure Compressor running well continuously round the clock.

Air/oil Separation System: the three stage separation system viz centrifugal and gravitational separation with air oil separation elements reduces oil content to 2-3 PPM.

Simple Diagnostics: With visual indication of fault warning.

Safety Tripping Interlocks: For over load, high air oil temperature, high pressure and wrong direction of rotation ensure safe operation.

Main Features

High Efficient Air End

Wear Free Rolling Profile

Simple Control System

Safety Tripping Arrangements

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