Refrigerated Air Driers

Functioning Principle of the Dryer

The dryers of the MRD series are basically made by two different circuits. A compressed air circuit divided into two heat exchangers and a refrigerating circuit. The hot and humid input compressed air passes through the air to air exchanger and then reaches the evaporator (air-Freon exchanger), where it is cooled by the refrigerating circuit until it reaches the present dew point, thus condensing the humidity it contains. In the moisture separator the condensed humidity is then separated removed by auto drain.

The advantages of such a system are essentially two, first of the air input is pre-cooled. So the refrigerating system can be sized in order to guarantee a more limited thermal jump, with an energy saving of about 40-50% and secondly no cold air is conveyed through the compressed airline, thus preventing overall the information of the external surface or the piping.

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