Servo Voltage Stabilizers

A Servo voltage stabilizer is a type of electrical device used to stabilize the voltage and protect your expensive electrical equipment. Typically, 230V to 415V range for single or three phases are the required electricity distribution.

A Servo Stabilizer has a servo motor controlled stabilization system that allows the perfect voltage supply to the electrical appliances.

Buck or Boost transformer booster is used to capture voltage fluctuations from the input source

It regulates the current to the correct output level

It is a closed-loop control instrument that maintains the balance of the 3 or single-phase voltage output.

The most important component of a servo stabilizer is the servo motor that rotates in a clockwise and anticlockwise direction to maintain the voltage fluctuations. A buck-boost transformer and a variable transformer in the servo stabilizer assist servo motors in regulating and stabilizing the voltage levels. Thus, servo voltage features control the constant voltage fluctuation and keep the voltage under control. It can automatically maintain a constant level of voltage for our electrical appliances.

A Servo Stabilizer is a device which maintains a constant Output Voltage irrespective of varying input voltage. Our Servo Stabilizers are reliable to a Large extent as we provide a Failure proof control circuit highly protected with an Input and Output Low/High Voltage Cut-off. We certainly have reached this position from our vast technical experience and strengths in the field by manufacturing customised voltage stabilizers as per the customer's special requirements.

Important Features

Precise Electronic Sensing
Reliable and Trouble free operation
Easy to use and user friendly interface
Ruggedised construction
Heavy Duty AC Synchronous Motor
Output Regulation of +/-0.5% can be achieved
High Density Carbon Brushes
Very High efficiency
Fast Response Time
Solid State Micro Controller Circuit
Less active compoents avoids failure ratings
Digital Microprocessor Controlled
No Effect on Power Factor
Zero Waveform Distortion
Compatible with unbalanced input conditions
Compatible with unbalanced Load conditions


CNC Machines
Laser Machines
Metal Forming Machines
Medical Equipments
Office Automation
Laboratory Equipments
Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning
Research Labs
Photo Copiers
Packaging Industries
Plastic Industries
Domestic Purpose
Mainline Applications
Photo Type Setters
Photographic Equipments
Special Purpose Machines

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